Terms of delivery and complaints


Ateljé Lyktan AB sells directly to businesses and shops dealing in lighting, furnishings and electrical and construction contracts. We also supply entities in the public sector, such as state, municipality or county council.

If you are a private individual and interested in any of our products, please refer to one of our distributors. A list of these is available on our website, or you could contact our customer support for help in locating the nearest distributor.

General terms of delivery

Delivery FCA ateljé Lyktan warehouse, according to INCOTERMs 2000. Carriage charge of SEK 100 on orders below SEK 5000 net value. Orders for combined delivery within Sweden exceeding SEK 5000 net value are supplied carriage-free (DDU, INCOTERMs 2000). Stanchions are supplied ex factory.


All transport is at buyer’s risk. Should transport damage occur, the buyer must immediately report this to the transport company Otherwise ordinary terms of delivery apply in accordance with ALEM09.


General terms of delivery relating to electrical materials for delivery and use in Sweden, prepared by EIO - Swedish Electricians' Organisation and SEG - Swedish Electrical Wholesalers.

Warranty terms

5 year product warranty, 5 year warranty on electronic drivers.

Complaints and returns

With both returns and complaints you must always contact the sales person/customer support before sending items to us. On contact with us, you will receive a returns number which you must use to mark the package.


Only returns due to faults or other causes for which Ateljé Lyktan has been responsible will be approved without additional cost to the buyer. In the case of returns for a cause other than the above, the buyer will be credited with the net invoice value with a deduction which, for items normally kept in stock, is 30%. In the case of returns due to causes other than the above and for items not normally kept in stock, Ateljé Lyktan reserves the right to unilaterally determine the percentage rate for any credit.

In order for returns to be approved by Ateljé Lyktan, the goods shall be returned in unused, new condition, with all relevant parts, in the original packaging, and shall be received by Ateljé Lyktan within a period of two (2) months from the delivery date. Goods which are not returned and received by Ateljé Lyktan within a period of two (2) months from the delivery date will not be accepted as returns.

In the case of returns as described above, the buyer must provide the number and date of the seller’s invoice and/or delivery note for the relevant goods. The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and for risks to the returned goods until Ateljé Lyktan has confirmed receipt of the returned goods in writing. Ateljé Lyktan will issue a return note. 


In case of complaint you may use the standard form from ALEM which you can download here. We would prefer you to contact your sales contact or our customer support as soon as you experience a problem with any of our products. This is to enable us to make a quicker decision on what action is needed to remedy your problem. In the case of a complaint and return, you must contact the sales person/customer support to obtain a returns number before sending the items back to us.

If you are a private individual and wish to complain about an item, you must always refer to the place of purchase which will then arrange contact with us.






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