Our knowledge of lighting together with 90 years of experience and an innovative look ahead means that we can now give lighting fixtures a second chance. Our solution to this is called Second Life.

Keep your existing fixtures

Renewed modern
lighting tech

Let us upgrade your existing lighting fixtures. The outer frame and most of the components are preserved, but the inside is filled with new technology adapted to today's high demands in lighting technology.

Modern light source

Reduced energy

By upgrading older lighting fixtures, you get several advantages such as reduced energy consumption, better light quality and fixtures with an extended lifespan.

Control systems

Up to 80% energy

With the help of presence control, you can further reduce your energy consumption. Luminaires with Organic Response can provide a saving of up to 80% compared to ON/OFF on the same light source.

Upgrade your existing lighting fixtures using our replacement kit.

Already in 2015, we developed an LED replacement kit for one of our outdoor fixtures with a metal halide light source, which gave our customers the opportunity to easily upgrade their current installation with new technology. Now we can offer replacement kits that are manufactured according to your specific lighting system and your new needs.

Savings based on a completed recycling project

10 year calculation period

Operating savings

Total savings on calculation examples


Installed system effect


134 190

340 100

Power consumption


370 364

938 676

Operating cost


740 729

1 877 352

Climate saving

Total reduced climate footprint (CO2 EQ GWP)

−0 tons

-50 tons

Total reduced climate footprint (usage)

-4,9 tons

Reduced climate footprint (raw material)

1,4 tons

Recycled material