Transform your vision
into reality

From concept design and prototypes to final delivery. The Studio is a department within ateljé Lyktan that for more than 80 years has been creating luminaires specifically to customer requirements, resulting in uniquie series, both large and small, exterior and interior.

Form and function
works in harmony.

The staff at ateljé Lyktan have priceless skills enabling you to access high levels of technical and lighting knowledge. Classic craftsmanship, quite simply, requiring a heart of passion and a cool head. Here you will find a flexible enthusiasm for making things, creativity and quality consciousness. A far cry from today’s climate of mass production. If you want to be your own lighting director, these are the people who can realise your vision.

Endless opportunities
within The Studio.

At The Studio we make everything from prototypes which will never be more than just a prototype to luminaires for offices, hotels, churches and the odd private home. Interior or exterior in small or large numbers. In fact there are no limits. Only opportunities.

Your product from
idea to realisation.

We have the potential and the skills to solve all types of technical and lighting problems in a flexible way. As you know, form and function work best together. At The Studio we can offer die cutting, machining, polishing, various types of welding and joining, rolling, powder and wet lacquering, cutting, grinding and naturally all types of forge work.

Studio cases

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Design - Kai Piippo & Andreas Ejhed

Award winning luminaires at Kungsträdgården

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Design - Alexandra Schremer Payén, Sweco

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Order process for bespoke luminaires


Prestudy and quotation

Once a project is identified a request with all necessary input is sent to by a sales representant. The request will be reviewed and a preliminary quotation is returned to the sales representant.



If the quotation is accepted an order is placed by the sales representative.



Once the order is acknowledged the development of the special luminaire is started. This is often done in close cooperation with the customer and ends with a drawing to be signed off by the customer together with the final price of the project.



When the design is completed and approved by the customer, the components are purchased and production begins. Normally, the first luminaire is produced and approved by the customer onsite in Åhus before the continued production of an entire series



After production is completed and approved, the luminaires are delivered and invoiced.

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