Light is our passion. ateljé Lyktan puts light, people and the environment at the centre. The importance of light for human activities and welfare is what motivates us. With our solid lighting knowledge and breadth, we create innovative, energy-efficient and sustainable products.

We create lighting solutions which help people to optimize their capacity with minimal influence on the environment. It is a responsibility we have and a contribution we make to the world around us.

By creating lighting solutions best adapted to people’s requirements and with the least possible impact on the environment, ateljé Lyktan contributes to, and takes responsibility for, a sustainable development within society in general.

ateljé Lyktan sees the work with sustainability as a continual process which is, and will remain, a natural part of our everyday work. Demonstrating our commitment to Corporate Responsibility is essential if we want to continue to be well positioned to take advantage of opportunities in the demanding and growing lighting market.

Our lighting solutions are human-oriented and developed from a holistic perspective, designed to serve both social, environmental and economic benefits. We are focused on finding customer-unique solutions with both biological benefits and emotional fulfilment. ateljé Lyktan supplies high functional and well-designed solutions all over the world, rooted from long experience and broad expertise.

One of our top priorities is to increase the energy efficiency of our products, which benefits the environment, but also the user in an economic perspective. With control systems, sensor-controlled luminaires and the latest technology in terms of LED, we reduce energy consumption and contribute to a positive climate development. With high quality, long product lifetimes and extensive expertise in light planning, we ensure that our solutions supports consumption at a sustainable level. Something that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective for the customer.

Lighting control

From having filled a single purpose – to provide light – today’s luminaires have become a part of the whole ecosystem of intelligent environments in which sensors and control systems, together with the possibilities of digitalization, allow for lighting to be controlled and adapted according to the situation. All new technologies arises together with new business opportunities, where the added value are in terms of energy and cost savings, as well as the fulfilment of increased comfort and a better lighting experience.

We provide technology for daylight and proximity sensor-controlled lighting that automatically regulates lighting according to the time of day. These sensors will reduce light output and thereby the energy consumption during the brightest hours of the day. Using proximity sensor control, the light is dimmed if no one is moving in the area, with security preserved by the light shining at its usual levels as soon as a presence is registered. This technology is perfect for outdoor lighting, where several luminaires communicate with each other and lights up the way for a moving object.

 Constant Light Output, a driver which compensates for the decrease in lighting effect in diodes over time, has reduced over-installed effects and enabled planning for fewer luminaires. Smart control systems have also facilitated maintenance since they can gather information and communicate it to the user.

Sustainable Development Goals

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is the central UN strategy to achieve a sustainable world, including 17 global goals. The ambition is to eliminate extreme poverty, reduce inequalities, promote peace and justice and protect our planet together with its natural resources. It is the most ambitious agenda for sustainable development that the world has ever agreed on. It requires huge efforts from all actors in society in order to achieve the 17 goals, since the terms are not legally binding. 

Economic growth, as well as environmental and social development, is needed to reach the Sustainable Development Goals, where both public and private initiatives are encouraged. We are determined to contribute to all these goals, but will focus on those most relevant to our business and activities, where we can contribute the most. 

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